Honey Fermentation

July 09, 2017 Jimmy Giles

A word of caution: Be careful of what you read and believe from the internet as most of it is opinion and is not proven fact. That is also true about this web site, it is my opinion and my opinion changes as I gather new information. The below discussion about moisture content and fermentation and crystallization is from the US agriculture dept so it can be believed as tested fact. The discussion about evidence of fermentation is my opinion.

Refrigerate raw honey for long term storage.

July 09, 2017 Jimmy Giles

Refrigerate raw honey for long term storage. By Jeanne Byrne On September 22, 2015 · In Uncategorized from Keith Kimes, Kimes Apiary I have received a complaint that some Harkins Slough Wild Flower honey harvested 7/8/15 is starting to ferment. Raw honey is at risk of fermentation since it is not pasteurized. I recommend that consumers store their honey at room temperature if it will be consumed within 3 months. If your container of honey is too large to be consumed within three months then it should be divided into smaller containers and those that are not in use should...

Rebecca's Tea Recipe

May 30, 2017 Jimmy Giles

Jim:  Love, love, love your website!  So simple and elegant.  Below is the “tea” I made for the girls one day when we were headed out for a hot adventure so needed something more refreshing than water but I wanted to avoid soda and, of course, caffeine.  I’ve tried decaffeinated teas for them before, but they just don’t have enough flavor. Heated about 4 cups of water. Stirred in about 1/3 cup of your honey. Added a sliced orange and about 1/4 cup bruised up mint leaves. Let sit for about 15 min. (over night is best). Added to a...

'Why is your honey so expensive?'

May 14, 2017 Jimmy Giles

I am often asked, 'Why is your honey so expensive?'  This is a profound question that merits lots of reflection, study and analysis.  (I'll continue to update this page as I conduct my own research.) My responses: Why is your honey so cheap? Did you know America is flooded with foreign honey? Why is America flooded with foreign honey? My economic theory is that the American market, the American economy is monopolized by cheap foreign products including honey.  But do you really need to have a PhD in economics to figure this out?  If honey were scarce and hard to...

Honey Coconut Cake

May 12, 2017 Jimmy Giles

Honey Coconut Cake

You'll have to make seconds, because this cake is going to go fast!