About Giles Shire Raw Honey


Giles Shire Raw Honey is UN-Adulterated, UN-Filtered, UN-Pasteurized, Pollinated, Pure, Raw Honey.

Jim Giles is the farmer, the beekeeper who keeps the bees, harvests the honey and bottles the honey.  Giles Shire Raw Honey is a product of honey bees who live in hives owned by Giles Shire only.  Fake honey is never bought in 55 gallon barrels and resold (a common practice) as Giles Shire Raw Honey.

“Consumers are eating a product that is NOT HONEY.”

Our honey is raw honey and you can taste the difference.  We recognize and honor the fact that what the honey bee produces cannot be improved upon and any alteration is for reasons of profit not for health and degrades the honey bee's product.

Giles Shire Raw Honey is for the individual who demands excellence in what they eat and will not settle for less.  We know you are looking for the honey widely touted as good for your health.  So why settle for cheap imitations and inferior substitutes when it comes to the food you eat and your health?

Giles Shire Raw Honey is also for the connoisseur who appreciates our packaging in old fashioned wax sealed glass vessels only, affording the additional benefit of a special gift for a special person.

Try Giles Shire Raw Honey and see if you can taste and tell a difference.  Our customers can and tell us so!

If you have any questions just send us an email and we'll get back to you.

Email: honey@rawshirehoney.com

Phone: (601) 613-1290

Address: 173 Pear Lane, Pearl, MS 39208