From the Bee to the Biscuit - All Natural Raw Shire Honey

Raw Honey is REAL Honey, NATURAL Honey!

Giles Shire Apiaries produce Raw Shire Honey which is unpasteurized, unfiltered, unadulterated, pure and pollinated honey, natural honey.  Raw Shire Honey is bottled in signature glass only, excellent for gifting as well.

Raw honey will crystallize and can ferment.  To avoid the certainty of raw honey crystallizing and the potential of raw honey fermenting the overwhelming majority of honey producers in the world pasteurize and filter their honey.  The heat and the filtering removes the pollen and damages the flavonoids in honey which renders it simply sweet, stripped of its deep natural flavor and no longer as nutritious and healthy as raw natural honey.

As one of my regular customers puts it in regard to fake honey, "All the goodies are gone.  All you got is sweet."

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, (See Table 46) in the year 2015, approximately 75 percent of the American honey supply was imported from foreign nations.  This flood of foreign 'honey' has driven the price of 'honey' to simply cheap which reflects its quality.  Note:  I don’t compete with NAFTA prices.  I don’t compete with fake honey prices.  It's unpatriotic to import foreign honey which hurts our health, our economy and our food supply.

The 'honey' market is widely reported to be a racket inasmuch as the consumer doesn't really know where the 'honey' came from, what's in it, what's not in it and who the beekeeper was who harvested the honey.

Raw Shire Honey comes from Giles Shire Apiaries only where Jim Giles is the beekeeper.  Nothing is taken out of or put in to Raw Shire Honey.  Raw Shire Honey is strained only with a 388 micron stainless steel double sieve.

Raw Shire Honey is bottled by Jim Giles for the connoisseur who values the deep rich flavor and flavonoids found in raw natural honey and is willing to invest in that quality and scarcity.

Excellence in honey is as rare as integrity in men or excellence in anything.  But it seems our food supply especially has been flooded by corporate junk food including lots of cheap fake 'honey.'

Caveat emptor (Latin for "Let the buyer beware"),

Jim Giles