Giles Shire LLC

Are you a legal corporation?

Giles Shire LLC, aka, Giles Shire Apiaries, aka, 'The Shire,' aka, the land of milk and honey, is a Limited Liability Company incorporated in the State of Mississippi located in the Monterey Community in Rankin County Mississippi.  Jim Giles is the sole Registered Agent, Officer and Director of Giles Shire LLC.

Jersey Cow

Why is a Jersey cow on the label?

Jim Giles owns and milks Jersey cows at The Shire where he also extracts and bottles Raw Shire Honey.

Social Media

Why don't you have a Facebook and Twitter account?

Because Facebook and Twitter censor constitutionally protected and strictly legal free speech.

Like fake honey both are simply too sweet and lack rich deep flavor.  Both are equivalent to processed 'food.'